Me, Myself and I:

Reading Pepe

Greetings friend, this is my personal blog and you have reached the About Me page! So allow me to introduce myself, I am a computing graduate from Scotland that emphasises minimalist design and practical outcomes.

I also spent time studying a wide range of subjects including Language, History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Linguistics.

Why Dunkelheit?

Dunkelheit is the German word for darkness, it is also the name of one of my favourite black metal tracks. The song’s atmosphere and tone conjure imagery of a time of darkness.

I found this title appropriate as the concept of a digital dark age is something that I believe we are now living in.

What I mean by this is: I really miss the old internet before social media conglomerates took all the fun away.


Programmer 💻

Although I no longer consider myself to be in the field of Computer Science / Software Engineering, I still enjoy programming and learning about advances in the field.

All of my public projects can be found on my Git GitHub and Git GitLab pages.

I have experience with and consider myself competent with the following programming languages and tools:

I am currently learning: