I Dont Care If You Use Linux

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You may have seen my previous post about Free (as in freedom) software and came to the conclusion that I want to “convert” normies to using Linux. This is not the case.

I do not care if you use Linux or not, I do not care what distro you use either. Whatever works for you, works for you and that’s great.

The reason I recommend that you use a Linux based OS is not that I personally gain from you doing so but that you will gain from it. I have no attachment to what you use or how you use it. Linux fanboyism is a ridiculous concept.

Further Confusion

Regarding the “What Does The Steam Deck mean?” post, someone read it and completely misunderstood it. They were under the impression that I wish to “convert” gamers to Linux. LOL.

I had intended to delete that post for being crap anyway, which I did.

The point I was trying to make could be made in a sentence but I tried to give too much context. So I will make my point here and consider the issue resolved:

The Steam Deck will put more eyes on Linux as a gaming platform. It will not convert the masses to a new operating system that they have no apparent need for. This will not benefit me, I don’t really care.

With that out of the way let’s get to the main point.

I Don’t Care Bro

Simply put if you don’t use Linux I don’t care and more importantly, if you do use Linux I don’t care either.

I have absolutely no need to know or care for what operating system you use.

The Consumer Issue

The advent of Linux consumerism has reached its twilight, we now live in a world where people wear Tux t-shirts unironically and discuss their desktop environment of choice as if it is their favourite sportsball team.

What is a Linux consumer? A Linuxℒ️ consumer is someone that doesn’t use Linux because they want a Unix like free software operating system, they are just anti-Windows and use Linux as if it were Windows.

I estimate that about 60-70% of people with a Linux based OS on their personal computer would fall under the category of a Linux consumer and as I stated above. I don’t care.

A typical example is someone that installs whatever meme distro they were shilled then goes on to use Google and Microsoft services, integrating them into every level of their workflow and consumption cycles. It really is an impressive example of cognitive dissonance.

Consuming Linux is a mindset that I just don’t have the time or patience to entertain.

Simply put if you need to attach part of your identity to the operating system that you use, you need to get a life.

Converting Normies

This is simply not an issue.

The only benefit a normie will get from switching to Linux is that their 5 year old laptop won’t run to a halt and can still get security patches. The real normie operating system is Google Chrome after all.

They don’t care about software, ethics, etc. They use their computer to write their homework, read their emails, watch cat videos and buy junk from Amazon. They are content and happy if they can do this, you won’t convince them to change.

“You’re just an elitist!”