Domain Name Change Update

published on

I have decided against the use of the city TLD for the site and will be returning to tradition and using the xyz TLD.

My reasoning for choosing the xyz TLD over city is twofold. The xyz TLD more accurately represents the end of the internet theme and it is much cheaper which fits with the minimalist theme.

The update will occur at some point in the coming days. The current domain will continue to work until it expires.

RSS feeds should continue to work on the old domain once the domain change occurs. Once the old domain expires however it will no longer update. Please update your RSS feeds to reflect the new domain. The new feed can be found here.

Email will change to the new domain at some point in the future too. I will make sure to update the site when this occurs. For now assume that the w@dunkelheit.biz address is no longer functional.

Please update your RSS, email contacts, etc.