A New Path in Life

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I recently graduated from my Computer Science degree program. I did not enjoy my time on this degree as much as I had hoped when I started. Computers were my passion at one point in the past, but not so much any more. I still enjoy using the skills I developed and researching the industry out of curiousity. Ultimately though I pushed through to finish what I started and was glad when it was over.

But now I am a free man and I am going back into academia to study a completely different field that I am actually passionate for: Archaeology and History. Specifically Celtic and Anglo-Saxon history. Which is the field that I have always wanted to study but was misled by well-meaning and sincere concern over “employability” regarding such a subject. Personally I am not too concerned with the employability of such a degree. Afterall I was led to believe that CompSci would make me a millionaire.

I plan to write about my time on this degree as the subjects themselves are very fascinating but the way that they flow between each other by coincidence is very exciting.